Legendary Exotic Rentals

Extra Packages

Tire Protection


Covers cost of tire replacement, tow charges, and loss of rental time up to $1,000.
Note: Tire replacement can take up to several hours depending on the location of incident, traffic conditions, and availability.

Mechanical Breakdown Coverage


Covers cost of Mechanical Parts due to wear and tear, tow charges, and loss of rental time up to $1,000.
Note: Does NOT cover mechanical failure due to customer mis-use or gross negligence operating the vehicle. You are fully responsible for your own actions while operating a Royalty Exotic Cars vehicle.

Prepaid Fuel Credit


Allows you to return the vehicle without needing to refuel beforehand.
Note: ALL vehicles require 91 OCTANE RATING fuel. Anyone caught using lower quality fuel will be fined $2,500 and responsible for any subsequent damages resulting from improper fuel.

Rally Package 



Unlimited mileage, no restriction to state lines, and leniency to being driven slightly harder. Note: reckless driving, burnouts, or any actions likely to result in harm to the vehicles or others will still result in termination of your trip with no refund